I’m A Cheap Date

It’s true.  I am.  Would you expect anything less? The $7.69 Date On Saturday, The Mister and I decided it was time to go on a date.  A movie and dinner was just the ticket. I had recently won a $20 movie gift card at my agency’s holiday party. {First time I had won ANYTHING at that party.  I gave out a ‘WOO HOO’ when I won…}  This movie gift card was burning a hole in our pocket, so we decided to go ahead use it this weekend.  We looked up the schedule and saw Silver Linings Playbook was playing.  … Keep on reading —->

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How I Got a Free Cell Phone Case

This weekend I went to my cell phone carrier’s store to see what phones were available to get free when I renew my contract.  My contract just came up due and I had hoped to make my phone last a little longer, but unfortunately the processor in it is going to pot.  I found one phone that was $50 with a $50 mail in rebate.  Didn’t take me long to decide.* *I had also done my research before hand, so I wasn’t going in blind.  It is actually a pretty good phone. While we were there, the salesman tried to … Keep on reading —->

Foiled Again Fridays

Every Friday I get an email from the Denver Post.  It tells me what’s coming up in the week ahead.  At the bottom of every email there is a little picture of a treasure chest that says something like “click here to see if you’ve won this week’s prize”. With anticipation, I click it. I’ve clicked that button EVERY Friday for the last year and a half and I’ve never won.  Not once. This is what I see EVERY. SINGLE. FRIDAY. MORNING… They always give away nifty things, like King Soopers and Target gift cards.  Both prizes I would be … Keep on reading —->

Apple Cider Vinegar + My Hair = Awesome

I’ve had this bottle of Apple Cider Vinegar sitting in my fridge for a while now.  I bought it originally to make German Potato Salad, but since I only needed 2-3 tbsp of the vinegar the rest of it has just been sitting in my fridge waiting for the day I can do something amazing with it. Well, the apple cider vinegar had its moment to shine this weekend.  I went to my trusty friend Google and found a bunch of different “recipes” for a hair rinse.  I went with the “1 part vinegar to 1 part water” recipe.  Some … Keep on reading —->

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Recipe: The Mister’s Crock-Pot Mexican Casserole

The Mister has done it again.  He’s come up with another great crock-pot creation that satisfied my tummy.  Originally he wanted to make a Mexican lasagna with noodles, but I suggested he use tortillas instead of noodles and BAM, this is what he created.  Enjoy! We ate this until our tummies exploded and we’ve still got at least 3-4 servings left.  Great for left overs! Pin It

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The Decision to Stay Put

I live in the heart of Denver and I love it.  Well, most of it… Parking, unsavory characters that like to deal drugs close by, traffic noise (especially police & ambulances) since we’re sandwiched between 2 major thoroughfares, & community laundry are among my biggest complaints.  Those are all things I really have little to no control over and can only be changed with a change of residence.  So, I either deal with it or move.  This has been a debate between The Mister and I for years now.  At certain times I really want to move to a quieter … Keep on reading —->

Back on the Menu Planning Wagon

In the beginning of 2011, I took my hand at menu planning.  It’s a somewhat simple process of planning what I’m going to eat for a specific period of time.  I do it weekly and I go grocery shopping weekly. I made a very simple template using Microsoft Excel.  It looks like this If you would like a copy for yourself, feel free to print it from the Printable Templates section of the site or you can download it directly HERE. Over the last couple of years, my relationship with menu planning has been an on-and-off sort of relationship.  In … Keep on reading —->

Get The Smell Pickle Stink Outta Jars!

Yesterday, I told you about my latest waste less adventure – making my own vinegar out of champagne and wine. You may have noticed from the picture that I used an old pickle jar.  Pickle jars tend to stink like, well, pickles. When I pulled the old pickle jar out and smelled it, I was taken back by that pungent, nasty smell (I don’t do pickles…).  The last thing I want is some champagne vinegar that has a pickle flavor or smell. Something had to be done!  But what?  What the hell would get that stubborn smell out? I betcha … Keep on reading —->

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Making Vinegar Out of Champagne

Earlier this week, The Mister and I decided to break out a left over bottle of champagne from the wedding and have a few glasses. There was no real reason for this, it just seemed like a good idea at the time. The next morning I woke up to find the bottle of champagne, half full sitting on the counter. There has to be something I can to avoid wasting this champagne…I thought to myself. Once again, Google came to the rescue and brought Martha Stewart with him. Apparently, you can make champagne (and other wines) into vinegar!  You know … Keep on reading —->

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A Peek Into My Wedding

The wedding is over and life has started to become normal again.  Thank goodness!  This wedding business is something else, I tell you what.  It’s been an interesting year and a half, from the time I got engaged until the moment I walked down the aisle. I spent a lot of time planning, changing my mind and planning some more.  Since we picked an October date and Fall is my favorite season, Fall became the obvious “theme” of the wedding.  I don’t know that a wedding must have a theme, but I went with it.  It kind of helped to … Keep on reading —->